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Monday, September 13, 2010

Trip to Warren Dunes

I made a little trip with Dan and our friend Andy to Warren Dunes for the day to meet up with some friends of mine from Chicago. I prepared for a cold day and it ended up being 80 degrees, hot and very sunny. So much for wearing real shoes and bringing a hoodie. While I waited for my friends to arrive, the three of us ventured through this wooded area down a little creek. I was regretting that I didn't have water shoes and feared I'd get bit by a water snake or a crayfish. Perhaps I'd get attacked by a leech? We hit a point where we had to go back and retrieve my friends and then we set back out down the creek. We made it further down this time and I became a little more nervous. The water started to get deeper and there was a manifestation of water spiders everywhere. This meant there were frogs around, and Dan and Andy took the opportunity to try and catch them. If there were frogs around, then there were snakes. I decided not to stick around and the girls and I left Dan and Andy behind and hiked up a hill on the side to get to the safety of the dry land. Despite being frightened, I did enjoy being back there. Here are a couple pictures.

We enjoyed the rest of the day by just hanging around the beach and concession area. 
I didn't take a lot of pictures. Just one of the beach and one of a sand dune.

On another note, some of you who visit may have noticed a change in the URL. I'm no longer calling the blog Zazzle Elite and I purchased a domain. I'm in the process of thinking of what I'd like to title my blog. I'm sticking with my name until then.

Hope everyone enjoyed their Sunday.

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