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Saturday, September 11, 2010

On This Day

World Trade Center poster print

I can't believe it's been almost 10 years. Time goes by fast. 

On this day nine years ago I was 11 years and starting my first year of middle school. The school year was still young and I hardly knew my way around the brand new building.

On this day nine years ago I was transitioning from Science to Choir. The hallways were silent and the atmosphere was heavy and tense. No one had heard the breaking news, but I think everyone had the same strange feeling. We sensed something wasn't right.

On this day nine years ago I sat down on a cold hard chair amongst my peers and waited for class to begin. Instead of warming up our voices, our teacher turned on the T.V. and we watched the events unfold. We listened to the reporters cover what little information they had.

On this day nine years ago I was confused. My teacher was distraught and everyone was mute. I had never heard of the World Trade Center or terrorists. We continued the school day on lock down. We were not aloud outside for recess. Some kids went home.

This day will never be forgotten. Though I was too young to understand the severity of the situation nine years ago, I remember where I was and how I felt. 
Where were you on this day?


An unincorporated mess said...

My school day was identical in really every way.

littlewing said...

I was driving to work when I heard the news on the radio and couldn't really watch the news to see it all unfolding. It was my oldest Pom's 1st birthday~ he's 10 years old today♥

Christiejolu said...

Thank you for this post...I think we will never forget where we were when this happened!

Jasmine said...

Unincorporated - I think it was like that for many kids in school.

littlewing - Happy birthday to him. :)

Christie - You're welcome. I don't think so either.