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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Gone Fishing

Well, not so much. Dan and I headed out to one of our state parks to go fishing earlier but we didn't have much luck. Dan caught a little one, and we had a few nibbles. I have a few pictures to share. Don't forget you can click on each picture for a larger version.

This is the first area we started fishing. We didn't catch anything here. It was weedy, and I had a few bites but that's about it.

Since I wasn't catching anything I set my pole down and ran over to snap a photo of a bunch of some geese and their "teenagers," as I call them.

We drove around the park for awhile and stopped at another area. We didn't start fishing here right away, and I decided to take a few pictures us.

Okay, okay. Enough of us. :) So then I made Dan climb in the lake and grab me some rocks so I could build a heart. It didn't come out as I had planned and I don't like the lighting in the picture. I had to keep at least one photo after all the effort he put in to get those rocks for me.

I tortured Dan enough. He was ready to start fishing again. He was convinced he'd catch something in this spot. 

I decided to sit out. Just as I turned around to go over to the picnic table to sit I saw this raccoon run up to the garbage to find food. 

Attempt #1. He pulled out a KFC bag, but couldn't find anything good. He decided to search around some more.


After he climbed in, he found a delicious biscuit. I caught a quick video of him running off with it. I was trying to get a video of him rummaging through the trash.

Dan became interested in the raccoon so he put his pole down and walked over. He noticed the raccoon in a tree and showed me since I couldn't find him. I thought he was long gone. I took another video of him in the tree. My favorite part is when he stopped to nibble his biscuit and stare at me.

Dan went back to fishing and I sat down on the picnic table. I was fortunate to have some geese get close enough so I could get a closer shot. They kept coming up to me and hissing at me, though. I ended up running away.

Dan finally caught a fish toward the end of the evening. It wasn't a carp like he was hoping. And it wasn't even a big fish. It was just a tiny largemouth. :)

And right before we left I took a picture of the sun setting on the lake. 


Despite the fact that we didn't catch many fish, we still had a good day. I hope the weather stays just as nice tomorrow because we plan on doing it again, but in a different area. It sure is good to be home.


High Heels and Aprons said...

You take beautiful photographs!

Ally @ High Heels & Aprons

Jasmine said...

Thank you very much Ally. :)