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Monday, May 24, 2010

Some Chicago Fun

I've spent the past two days hanging around downtown Chicago. I am tired, haha! Yesterday I ventured over there with my friend Melanie to get lunch and just hang around. You can see all the photos I took with my phone on my Twitpic. Mel and I ended up eating sandwiches at L'Appetito. Very delicious. :) On the way we watched this street performer. I saw a guy making a video of him. It'd be nice to find it on YouTube or something.

EDIT// I found a couple videos of him here and here. They aren't from the same day, but it shows his act.

I ended up traveling there today with Dan and a few of our friends for Jen's birthday. We walked all the way down Michigan Avenue to eat lunch at the Cheesecake Factory. It was mine and Dan's first time going there and it was ahhhhhmazing. I had the four cheese pasta with chicken. Afterward we walked down Navy Pier and just hung around the lake for awhile. It has definitely been an eventful weekend and I'm glad I got to spend all that time down there before we move this weekend.

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