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Monday, May 24, 2010

Monday Memories - My First Fish

I was browsing some of the blogs I follow and came across a post on Following Crazy. She has designated Saturdays for telling her followers a story about something in her life. I think it looks like fun and I'm going to try it out, but on Mondays. Thanks for the idea! :)
Here goes nothing...

It's getting warmer and the sun is finally shining. Spending all that time around the lake the past couple days has me thinking about how much I can't wait to go fishing this summer. I haven't gone fishing anywhere here in Illinois, but I know Dan and I will be doing quite a bit of fishing as soon as we move back home in Michigan.
Dan really likes to fish and he's actually the one who introduced me to it. I had never gone fishing before I had met him. I started looking through some old photos and just realized it's almost the five year anniversary of when I caught my very first fish.

I caught that guy with a worm. Here's a very young (and gross) picture of me fishing off the side of the road.

I took a picture of my shoes! :)

And a couple other fish I caught. The first is a Sunfish (I think!?!) and the other is a Largemouth Bass.


Terri said...

That first fish is really ugly - i wouldnt have touched it. ha ha ha I love fishing!! And i look forward to more stories from you!

Jasmine said...

Yeah, I think the picture quality is kind of bad, though. I don't even remember how it looked. We're talking five years ago! Thank you for reading. :)