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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

I'm Home! A Long Update, and Some Pictures. :)

I'm finally back in Michigan! I wasn't able to get on the Internet until we got settled in. We ventured up north for the Memorial weekend and we just got back home last night. The blog will be back to its normal programming. :)

Getting back here was a nightmare. I've told you all over and over again I have a problem with procrastinating...
Well, it took forever to get everything packed and out of the apartment, but we did it. I barely had any sleep throughout the whole weekend! The day before I moved I made sure I got to Elk Grove like I said I would to get those elk pictures. Here's one on a postcard so far. I'll be working on more.

And with the rest of my time, I had to make sure everything was ready in the apartment to move.
Here's the apartment after we moved everything out.

After we got the truck packed up we had to go straight to Dan's International graduation.
Everyone had to give a short speech upon receiving their credentials. I got a shot of Dan talking.

After graduation it was time to hit the road. Everything's packed and ready to go!

We got everything moved into the garage Friday and by Saturday evening we were up north.
We relaxed for the most part, but we got some fishing in, too. I didn't have much luck, but Dan caught a Pike.

Since I wasn't catching any fish, I took some pictures. Here's one I added to a postcard. I'll do more with this later, too.

I had a nice little chunk of sales as well. It's nice to forget about it and then come home after a vacation and see them!


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Great pictures, especially the first one!

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