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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Just Hanging Out

I have seventeen more days until I move. I have nine more days until I'm done at the theater.
The time is going by so fast. I've been anticipating the end since the beginning, but now I don't feel ready. I really need to get this packing thing started.

I've been enjoying Dan not going to work after training. We have a lot more time to spend together.
Yesterday we headed over to Nana's for a quick lunch before visiting my friend Bianca to see her new puppy Sirius. We left from there over to visit the Elk in Elk Grove (picture on my Twitter). I'm going to go back around there sometime within the next week with my digital camera to get some good shots of them. We walked around the preserve there until it started getting dark out. After all that I talked Dan into running over to Woodfield Mall to buy him some new pants. He protested at first, but I think he was happy to get himself a new pair of pants.
I also promised him we'd go to Menards if he cooperated. We walked around that store forever and ended up walking out with a flashlight and some AAA batteries. The night ended with dinner at Dapper's. It is one of our favorite restaurants and we hadn't been to it in quite some time.
Now today is just another day of work. It's only for a few hours, thankfully.

I'm going to share a few sales and then I'm signing off for the day.

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