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Wednesday, December 2, 2009

There's Never Enough Time for Rest

Vacation is over. Dan and I had a nice time back home. I totally forgot to bring my camera!
The ride back was long, as always. It sucks having to come back to this place. It's not long term, though.

Dan and I actually get to have a cooked meal tonight since I didn't work late. We're going to have sloppy joe. And I get off in the early evening tomorrow so I get to go bowling with Bianca and Jenny, and then cook again!
My big goal for the week is to get everything moved around in our bedroom so we can fit our furniture in here. My leather chair got sprayed (cat spray) and I don't want that to happen to my love seat (knock on wood).

I noticed that while I was gone over the weekend I gained a few new followers. I just wanted to welcome you all and thank you for stopping by my blog. 

I'm going to do a quick update on sales and then work on my room for a bit.

Thanks again for the sales!

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