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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Long Walks and Photo Shoots

I finally had a day off of work! Nicole came over and we went for a walk around town and took a bunch of pictures of ourselves.

First, we walked to the park. We played on those things that rock back and forth. I'm not sure what their official name is, but they are dangerous.

Then we went on the swings for a little bit.

We ran around.

I went to jail.

We went down a slide.

I grew taller than Nicole, a lot taller.

We went shopping.

And then we became models for LG.

So, yeah. It was a pretty eventful Tuesday.

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Halo said...

Lol looks like you had fun!! and your right that thing that rocks back and forth (dont know the name either lol) does look dangerous.
Thanks for popping by again hun, take care xx