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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Google - Not Just for Web Browsing

Some of you may or may not know that Google has a bunch of tools in addition to their web browser. A few of the more popular ones include Google Earth, Google Translate, and Blogger. I just wanted to share a few of the tools that I think are overlooked and might be useful to some of you.

  • Google Health- This is an organizational tool to keep track of all of your health information. You can also use it to share your information securely with anyone you wish.
  • Google Notebook- A handy way to keep track of all your little notes. Has a great organization system to help you keep track of everything.
  • Google 411- (This is probably my absolute favorite!) Problem: You need to know the number to the local movie theater. There's no computer around to search for the number and all you have is your phone. You could call 411 from your phone to get the number, but you'd rather not waste $1.99 just to get the number. Solution: Just dial 1-800-GOOG411. It's free and very simple to use!
  • Google Talk- Send and receive instant messages with your friends and family. Don't feel like typing? Connect to a voice chat.
There is one more thing I wanted to share, but it's not quite a tool.

Google Holiday Logos
- One of my favorite things about Google is seeing the different logos on all the holidays, especially ones I have never heard of. Sometimes I miss out on the designs, though. I just found out that there is a directory of all of them and you can go check it out to see which ones you missed.

Here is a whole directory of all the tools that Google has to offer: Google Tools

Is there a Google tool you use that you just couldn't live without? Which one is your favorite and how does it make a difference in your daily life?

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