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Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Feeling Better

Happy April Fool's Day everyone! I checked Google when I woke up this morning, and they didn't have a special design for today. I wonder why?

I decided to try and make a green bean casserole to go with mine and Danny's dinner last night. Dan has never had it before, and it's my favorite. :)
It didn't come out bad at all:

I had to take a picture on my cell phone, my digital is dead!

My Hoppy Easter Mug was featured on LA's Designs. You can see it here.
Thank you for putting my design up!!!

Dan just got home from school so I'm going to get lunch ready now. I just wanted to thank everyone for all their kind comments the other day and let you all know that I am starting to feel a lot better now, hopefully it stays this way!

EDIT: I sold my
Affenpinscher Magnet today. Thank you!!

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