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Monday, August 16, 2010

Monday Memories - Uncovering Stereotypes

Back in middle school I had a good friend that I did everything with. Her and I would go everywhere, despite the fact we didn't have a car to get around in. We had the next best thing - a bike.

For some reason, one day we decided we had wanted to go to the public library. It was summer, it wasn't very close and we really had no idea how to get there. None of that stood in our way. I hopped up on the handle bars of that bike and we drove around trying to figure out what roads to take to get to the library.
I knew it was past the highway. So my friend pedaled the bike with me on her handlebars on the shoulder of the highway. I'm sure everyone was confused as they drove past us going 70 mph while we were wobbling along at the side. We tried finding a way off but we couldn't cross until we got to the bridge up ahead. I don't remember exactly what happened between then and when the cop pulled up to us. I figured I would handle all the talking and I went up to his window and he told me that a driver had called us in. As I was listening to him go on and on about how unsafe and illegal it was, I couldn't help but notice a white and chalky residue around his mouth. He must have been enjoying a nice powdered doughnut right before rushing over to where we were and forgot to clean up his face. I had never believed in the stereotype until that day...


A. K. said...

Riding a bike on the Highway! That is scary. Maybe its true that cops too like doughnut. LOL!

Jasmine said...

It sounds scary, but we weren't scared at the time - just crazy, ha.
I think it's true, too.