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Monday, August 23, 2010

Monday Memories - Breaking Curfew

It was a cold winter night on February 13, 2005. My best friend (at the time) and I layered ourselves in ridiculous clothing and headed out into the night. We walked two long miles in the freezing rain until we reached our destination: the local Farmer Jack. Farmer Jack was one of the big grocery store chains at this time and most of them were open 24 hours day. I'm not sure what our reason for going there was. It was probably because it was the only thing open at 12:00 AM and we didn't feel like being stuck at my place.

Upon arriving to the store, we grabbed a grocery cart and decided to just walk around the whole store.
I think we probably pretended to grocery shop, I'm not sure. I remember buying bagels and cream cheese and the cashier told us we could sit in the cafe area and use the toaster for our bagels. We thanked her and went on our way. As we were enjoying our bagels and reading magazines at the table, we noticed two police officers walk in the entrance. I knew they hadn't come to grocery shop, and had a feeling they were there for us.

The two of us immediately freaked out. We jumped up from our table and ran into the aisles. We now were trying to plan our escape. My friend suggested we try to get into the bathroom and sneak out a window, but I was doubtful there were any windows in there. I decided I would talk our way out of the situation, and we walked down the frozen food aisle until we met up with the two officers.

The officer asked us for identification and I told him that I was only 15 and didn't have any. He told us we would be heading down to the police station and I knew we were screwed. I asked him if he could just drive us home because we only lived down the road. He looked at me firmly and snarled, "We're not a taxi service."  Sweet, who's going to pick us up from a police station at 2:00 in the morning? The officers escorted us outside and began to search us for knives, guns, drugs or any other illegal thing that could be on us.
As they searched, they asked us if we had anything they should know about. "Well, this isn't my jacket," my friend replied as she began to dig around in the pockets. The officer yelled at her as he put his hand on his taser gun. Luckily she pulled her hands out quickly and avoided a possible electroshock.

After their search they threw us in their car and left us there while they talked about our impending doom.
My friend cried in the backseat and I tried to tell her everything would be fine. I was still trying to think of how to get out of the situation. I knew her mom probably wouldn't let her hang out with me anymore. The only crime we committed was being out late. No one was killed, no drugs had been consumed and we didn't steal anything at the grocery store. I felt that taking us to the station was unnecessary, but there was no talking them out of it. She continued to cry as the officer got into his car, turned the key and Everybody in the Club Gettin' Tipsy blared from the speakers. We couldn't help but forget all the trouble we were in and just laugh our asses off. I think the big bad officer was embarrassed because he turned down the radio quickly and asked me where I lived. They must have talked it over and decided it was a waste of their time to take us to the station and decided to take us home instead.

I was happy to be home, my mom was pissed and my friend's parents never found out. The End.


chubskulit said...

Oh Lord, good thing you got out of it lol..

Jasmine said...

Haha, I know! :)