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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

I Have Autism Button Giveaway


No one entered, so sadly a button will not be given away.

With the new school year approaching, I have decided to host a giveaway for my I Have Autism buttons.

I Have Autism Button button
In order to accommodate for everyone, I am also offering these buttons for the giveaway. Others can be made upon request.

Please leave a comment with your first name, email address and which button you would like. 
The winner will be randomly chosen via Random.Org on August 31, 2010. 
Contest is open to U.S. residents only.


littlewing said...

This is a great cause! I'll be sharing it for you.

It's been a while since my last visit- I love the new look!

C&C said...

good for you. My son is on the spectrum and I think this is a great idea.