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Friday, August 27, 2010

DIY Wedding Decor

Buying decorations for your wedding doesn't have to be expensive. Here are some of my own personal tips for buying decor for your special day.

Just a couple days ago I was visiting the local Dollar Tree and noticed a sign in one of their aisles for their online website. I wondered how it all worked and decided to check it out myself.
It's pretty cool because you can buy almost anything you would find in the local store right from your computer. The only downside I found is having to buy in bulk. I browsed around and wondered, "What the heck would I ever need any of this stuff in large quantities for?" And then it hit me... wedding decor!
For those who regularly follow my blog, you know that I've tried to make wedding planning easier with My Customized Wedding, where you can find all of your wedding stationary needs and more.
Now I am going to share with you how to decorate your wedding on a budget.

I think it's pretty safe to say you can buy all your decorations through the Dollar Tree. Here are some fun ideas that you can take and make your own.

Candlelit Centerpieces

For this look you can buy these simple glass candleholders.
Next choose tealights in accommodation with your wedding theme. On the site I found these particular colors and scents -
To compliment your tealight, choose some sort of filler for the bottom of the candleholder. The picture above features assorted gravel but you can choose from other rocks and gems.

Floral Arrangements

Arrange your flowers in a simple vase and add a ribbon for an elegant finish.
Another fun idea is to apply the same filler technique we used on the candleholders to the vases.
I think it is particularly nice for an outdoor or beach themed wedding.

Numbering Tables

These mini frames are perfect for numbering the reception tables so your guests can find their seats.
If you'd like an even fancier look you can purchase table cards and frame them in a 4x6 frame.

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