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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

My New Site

Remember that new project I was talking about?
I think I'm finally ready to release it. I have a lot of work to do still (get a domain, add more stuff, blahblahblah), but I'm ready to show everyone.


My Customized Wedding 


RossiCards said...

Oh it looks so good so far! I really like how you organized it. Your products are beautiful too! I just wish that I could magnify them without having to go to the Zazzle store (and leave your website).

Jasmine said...

Thank you. The products aren't mine. I gathered them from many people on Zazzle. Unfortunately, I suck when it comes to web building and Weebly doesn't have an option for the images to be magnified. I didn't want people to lose the site either, so to try and get around all that the links do open up in a separate page.
Thanks for checking it out and for your feedback!

Anonymous said...

Looks great!
It is very clean, and well ordered.
Best of luck with it!

Jasmine said...

Thank you Steve, I try. :)