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Monday, July 12, 2010

Monday Memories - The Time I Won Something...

I've been entering contests for as long as I can remember. I've tried to win money, gift baskets, cars, clothes, shopping sprees, vacations, everything ever posted on Give Away Today and so on.
As much as I've tried, I've never won a damn thing. That was until August 27, 2008... the luckiest day of my life.
August 27 was a beautiful, sunny Wednesday. The temperature outside was 81 degrees Fahrenheit (according to the weather almanac, I'm not that crazy). Anyway, it was a normal summer day. Dan and I went to Subway for lunch, as we usually did.
I probably had a six inch spicy Italian on Italian herbs and spices with a bag of SunChips and a Coke.
Dan probably had the same, but the 12 inch version. During this time Subway was featuring their Scrabble giveaway contest. You had to save up the game pieces to spell out the words they told you to, and you could win one of their great prizes. They had instant winners, like free cookies or chips. They also had codes to enter online. I think Dan and I were trying to win this vacation, or maybe some car. I don't really remember.
I did bring all of our game pieces home to enter the codes online. I mean, why not? If I'm spending all this money at Subway, I might as well take 3-5 minutes to login to their site and enter some dumb code.
What could it hurt? Little did I know, one of those game pieces would be my ticket to winning my very own Scrabble Upwords game board. It truly changed my life. I think we've played the game once, maybe twice.
But the satisfaction of winning it was like no other. Who knows? Maybe it's the start of my winning streak.
Why not? This woman hit the lottery four times. I won a game board. Anything is possible.


A. K. said...

I have never won such contests. May be i should enter such contests more! Four lottery wins, wow! Wish i was that lucky! said...

One of these days, girl. Keep entering ;)

Jasmine said...

A.K. - I know. And when you do, it's AMAZING! Haha.

Give Away Today - I know, I know. I kind of gave up a little bit, but maybe I'll come around and give it another shot.