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Monday, July 19, 2010

Monday Memories - A Lack of Privacy

I got the idea for this week's post from Retail in Review (see Cell Phone Etiquette).
As I was reading what you should and shouldn't do with your cellular device while at the store, it made me think of something that happened at work when I was in Illinois and working at the movie theater.
We have customers come up to us all the time when they are on the cell phones, but my experience was truly unique. This lady starts walking up to my line while she's talking on her phone. Some people try to hurry off the phone so they can make their transaction, some people don't. She was one of those who choose not to.
Instead of staying in her car and finishing what in my opinion is a very private conversation, she decides to stand right in front of me. I think she didn't want me to feel left out, which was very nice of her.
I awkwardly stood there and listened to her talking to what was either a family member or a close friend about how she was losing her house. She was asking to borrow some huge amount of money, and then she thanked them profusely. After her long drawn out five minutes of thanks, she hung up and purchased a $10 movie ticket from me. And it wouldn't surprise me if she walked into the theater and bought a nice big tub of popcorn and a giant drink. Now, I'm not trying to be judgmental, but if you're on the edge of losing your house maybe you shouldn't be going out to the movies, especially an evening show. They are half that price in the morning. And you shouldn't be discussing the situation in a public mall. That's my two-cents, and my memory for the week.


A. K. said...

Seriously, some people really dont know the basic manner.. I come across such person and its a bit eerie

Jasmine said...

Yeah, I agree.