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Sunday, June 6, 2010

Spending the Day Alone

The original plan for today was to drive to Illinois with Dan and our two friends to pick up our Honda. Our two friends bailed and kind of left us hanging, though.
Today is our last day to pick the car up from our former apartment complex's parking lot. So in desperation to get it back, Dan is getting on an airplane in a few hours to Chicago and then driving the car back by himself.
So that leaves me with nothing really to do for the day. Hopefully the weather is nice this afternoon and I can go on a walk and take some pictures or something.
That is if I can even get up. I've been having a terrible time falling asleep lately. I'm up all night and in bed all day. I need to get back on a better schedule soon.
If I do anything today then I will update later in the evening.


Ren said...


Wow, that bites (referring to your friends bailing you guys).

I have a similar problem with my sleep habits; I sleep all day and I am up all night. I think I have insomnia; I get about 2 to five hours of sleep each day and it is taking its toll on me.

I hope the weather is nice there, so you can go for that walk and take some pictures.


Jasmine said...

I think I have insomnia, too.
The weather was alright, didn't really get to go for a walk, though. I have a good post for tomorrow so hopefully it makes up for the boring one today.