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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Late Update on My Weekend

I'm a little late with my update for last weekend, but better late than never.
Last week Dan and I went up north to the cabin to just kind of get away and do some fishing. We got up there Wednesday night and did all of our fishing throughout the day on Thursday. I also did some reading and tanning (well, more like a little burning). Here's the one and only fish I caught...

And Dan caught all these fish (and then some...)

We came home on Friday afternoon and hung around until late that night before heading over to our buddy's cabin in Port Sanilac. I didn't take too many pictures up there. I stayed up all night to take pictures of the sunrise on Lake Huron but it was cloudy! I managed to get a few shots anyway because I wasn't going to let my all nighter go in vain.

We made it home around dinner time on Sunday. I didn't sell much while I was gone. June has been kind of a bummer. Here's the only product I sold. 


A. K. said...

Look tasty... It's been so long since i went fishing. Now i miss home. The sunset pictures are so romantic. Wont mind taking a stroll with my girl in that landscape.

Jasmine said...

I love fishing! All the great lakes are really pretty. :)