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Friday, May 7, 2010

I'm Just a Rambling Man

The past couple of days off have been great.
On Wednesday Dan and I went out with a bunch of friends to Buffalo Wild Wings for dinner and then played some Mario Kart Wii. I won. ;) I can't wait until I get Wi-Fi set up on that thing so I can exchange friend codes and play with other people. Yesterday was a pretty relaxed day. Dan and I ventured into downtown Elgin. I took some photos on my cell phone and updated my Twitter with them. You can see the pictures here, here, here and here. Toward the end of the night we headed over to our friend Matt's to visit with him and his grandma. He graduates school tomorrow and is moving back home afterward so it's one of the last times we'll see him for awhile.
I'm definitely not looking forward to going to work today. Especially with Iron Man 2 coming out, it's going to be insane. I just have to push through the next two weeks until I'm done with the theater all together.
And just three more weeks til we move out of this place! I'm very excited. I wish the time would just hurry along.
Dan has a lead on a possible job, but I don't want to get too excited about it and jinx it. He has an interview with the dealership on the 1st of June, so I'll talk more about that then.

I had a of couple sales yesterday.

Sales have been slow lately, but it's nice to have any. I'll definitely take what I can get!
I started building a website for the store. It's simple, but I think it's easy to understand. I'll eventually turn it into a dot com. Here is the site for now.

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