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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

A Trip Downtown

I've been missing for a few days. I have been so busy! :)
Let's see, where should I begin? Well, my auctions are doing pretty well. The Maple Syrup candle has 3 bids, and the Sandalwood has a watcher. Just two more days for the auction!
And I've had a couple Zazzle sales,

Sunshine Tie tie
Sunshine Tie by jasminesphotography
Create your own custom made necktie with Zazzle

I didn't have work yesterday so I went downtown with a couple of my friends. The day was beautiful and we spent the whole day down there. We walked down to Michigan Avenue and stopped over in Millennium Park to take a few photos.

We headed over to Navy Pier for some food. We stopped in at Charlie's Ale House and got the Monday special: the chicken Cesar wrap.

Bianca got an $8 Flirtini, but spilled most of it before it could make it into her mouth, haha!

After lunch we rented one of those quadcycles and drove around the beach.
It was definitely a lot of fun.

After that adventure we went back to Michigan Avenue and did some shopping.
Tomorrow is another day off. I'm doing lunch with a friend and maybe some chores.

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