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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Applesauce: Now Back by Popular Demand

The pot roast I made for dinner the other night came out great, but I left the memory card out of camera and when I took pictures they didn't save! I had no idea until AFTER all the food was gone.
I made some more applesauce (The Crock-Pot Post: Delicious Homemade Applesauce!) This batch is for work, though. When I told everyone how delicious it was they asked me to bring in a sample and the recipe.
I was surprised that they didn't know how simple making applesauce was. They never even heard of making applesauce in a Crock-Pot!
It's my favorite thing to do now. I love the aroma of apples and cinnamon in the apartment. This time I bought a handy little slicer for $5 at Meijer. It's a lot easier and I don't lose any apple like I did when I tried slicing the skin off with a regular knife.

Dan and I have plans to go home this weekend and I can't wait. Snowflake turns one on Monday, and I'm excited to see her! I'll take some pictures of her while I'm there. She's gotten so much bigger since she was a kitten (New Addition!)

I made another referral sale on one of those dishwasher magnets. They have to be coming from that Squidoo lens (Dishes- Clean or Dirty?)! I'm glad that lens is getting some views.
Here is the magnet.

I sold a few things from my store as well.

Off to work for the afternoon and then maybe making some more applesauce when I return. :)

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