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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Who Doesn't Love a Good Sale?

Well, Dan and I didn't make it in yesterday for IHOP's free pancakes. We'll try again next year. :)

After work today I headed over to Kohl's while I waited for Dan and spotted some pillows on sale. Dan and I have been going back and forth about buying new pillows for awhile, so I figured I'd go check these out. I noticed they were buy one get one free, but I didn't see a price on them. I took them up to the cashier and inquired about the price. I was also confused about the buy one get one free, because it was a twin pack. Turns out that each twin pack is one individual product and if you buy one you get the other for free. So I told her to ring me up. Four brand new hypoallergenic pillows for $25.99 plus tax. They are the most amazing pillows, or at least to me because it's been such a long time since I've had new pillows. I think you can walk into any local Kohl's store and find the sale. This is what the package looks like.

If you can't find them at the store, or you don't have a store nearby, you can buy them online here.

I have a whole day off tomorrow to relax and get some chores done. I'm going to check some blogs right now and then probably go off to bed to try out the new pillows. :)

Quick sales update!


parrow1978 said...

Hey Jasmine! I thought you might want to join a new forum Softproduct and Fnolan have started. It's called the Zazzle Users Group and we have some fun there. They also have banner exchanges and places to help market your products. Also I'm trying to win a contest for one of Softproducts skateboards, so if you do sign-up, please tell them Parrow1978 told you to join. Hope to see you there. Here is the link --

P.S. When you check it out, go to the contests thread and read the one about Steve's Contest, we are having a blast. Thanks

Jasmine said...

Thanks, going to check it out. :)