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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

The Post-Birthday Post

I've been quite busy the last couple days. I've been working ever since we've gotten back into town and I think I am coming down with strep throat.
Besides that, my weekend was great! I got to see my friends and family, and even Snowflake. I don't think I've mentioned that Snowflake has been moved to my mom's place until I move out of the apartment I am in now, for her safety. So I don't see her very often and it's nice to see her when I go back to my mom's.
While I was home, Dan and I took my sister out to Great Lakes Crossing to go shopping and get something to eat. I think Great Lakes Crossing is probably my favorite mall back in Michigan. It is a mile long and I think about 200 stores and places to eat and such. It really is an experience. We walked around for awhile and browsed through a bunch of stores. I bough a Detroit mug from Love From Michigan, and took my sister to Hot Topic to buy some bracelets. We ate at the Kerby's Koney Island and then called it a night. Next big event is mine and Dan's five year anniversary on the 3rd of February. I think we'll probably celebrate it on the weekend, though. I'm off to get dinner ready now. Will update again soon. :)

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