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Saturday, November 21, 2009

The Mystery of the Pink Puke

Not too much to say. I've been busy with work! Here's a good story about the midnight showing of Twilight.
Ok, so this guy and his girlfriend come out of theater two. Mel and I are vacuuming some popcorn off the carpet, so of course we can't hear anything and we're pretty focused on our task. We turn off the vacuum because this guy is now yelling, claiming that someone puked on his girlfriend's $200 boots. There are four of us standing around and we did not hear any puking. He goes to the bathroom, and we all examine the "puke." We come to the conclusion that someone must have spilled their cherry ICEE, because of the pink color. We ask the girlfriend if anything got on her and she said no and went back to her movie.
The man comes out of the bathroom and starts going off about his girlfriend's boots. Now they are $400 boots. Apparently inflation occurred during the two minute visit to the urinal. Anyway, he's going off on my general manager about how we shouldn't be letting intoxicateded (I did not spell that wrong, that's how he said it) people into the theater and that it is OUR responsibility to make sure people aren't puking. Ok, this guy is CLEARLY wasted of his mind. We tell him it is only ICEE and if he'd like to bring his girlfriend out so we could talk to her, and he says, "Yes, yes, you will talk to her." So, I volunteer to clean this ICEE up. No big deal, right? I grab some paper towel and start rubbing it up with my foot. I rub for a few seconds until I smell this foul odor. Puke.
My conclusion is that this guy came out to go to the bathroom, didn't make it and puked on the floor. We obviously didn't hear it because of the vacuum. The girlfriend didn't stick around because she was embarrassed. And he was just too drunk to even know what was going on. I am not God, a psychic, or his girlfriend, but I think that the story makes sense. And the girlfriend never came back out, which kind of backs up my theory.
Please stop coming to the theater too drunk to know where you even are. Thank you.

On that note, I will bring you up to date on my sales.

And I just want to remind you guys about the new blog. Come follow it if you haven't yet! WTFROFL- A Taste of the Internet 

Have a goodnight! :) 


Thomas said...

Speaking of puke, might I make a suggestion???


Jasmine said...

Haha, really. Jerks!