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Sunday, November 1, 2009

Gluten-Free Diet Awareness Month

The month of November recognizes a gluten-free diet. A gluten-free diet is most commonly followed by those who have Autism, wheat allergies, gluten intolerance, Celiac Sprue Disease and people who just want to be healthy in general. Do you follow a gluten-free diet or know anyone who does?
Here are some products from Zazzle in relation to being gluten-free.

Gluten Free sticker
Gluten Free by fightcancertees
See all other stickers on

Apron - Gluten Free Baking apron
Apron - Gluten Free Baking by GFillustrator
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Christine Mercer-Vernon said...

:) as someone with celiac, i thank you for featuring my gluten free meal keychain on this very important post!

Jasmine said...

You're welcome. I'm glad to have posted it! :)

erin rogers pickering said...

Thank you for including my GF cupcake apron! Going gf a year and a half ago has turned my life around. :-)

Jasmine said...

You're welcome Erin. I'm glad you've made a positive change for the better.