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Thursday, October 22, 2009

I Would Be Glad to Assist You Ms. Ward

I didn't have any time to get on and update my blog before work because my Internet got shut off for NO reason. I'm so sick of crappy service and then not being able to handle it because the customer service representative and I cannot understand each other. I only had to tell him I couldn't understand him seven or eight times, listen to his script and then I got my Internet turned back on. At least I didn't spend a lot of time on hold just to get to him.

Anyway, I'm really behind on my packing and I have to get this stuff done ASAP. I'm such a procrastinator. In my defense, I'm at work all the time. Maybe I should try to get some stuff packed away tonight. We're moving out on Saturday and Sunday, so I only have a few days left.
Maybe thinking about how excited I am to be right next to my work will give me the motivation I need to get this done.

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