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Tuesday, July 7, 2009

End of Vacation

Came back from Michigan on Sunday night. It was a very relaxing weekend. I went to the craft show up there and bought a cute hair tie. I also went garage saleing and picked up these two old plaques with these old cars on them and on the back there is a stamp that states that they are U.S. Air Force property. I got them both for only fifty cents a piece and I plan to hang them up on my wall. Maybe I'll do it tomorrow, and then I will have Nicole take a picture for me so I can show all of you.

I wanted to share this post with all of you from a mommy blogger with an Autistic child. I thought it was very enlightening and had a great message. Please take a few minutes to read it, even if you don't have anyone who is Autistic in your life: Food for Thought, Courtesy of the Food Court.


Firecrackinmama said...

It's great to get away. I've never been to Michigan but hear it's a nice place.

Jasmine said...

It's my home. :)