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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Rain, Rain, Go Away!

Well, Nicole and I were going to go for a walk today and take pictures but now the weather is really yucky. :( It's raining and I guess it's supposed to thunderstorm all day. She will probably still come over, though. I'm cleaning my apartment right now and getting ready to do some laundry. I actually got this weekend off of work without even asking for it. It was a very nice surprise to see that on the schedule. Hopefully the radiator gets here in enough time so Dan and I can go back home for the weekend!

I also wanted to share this website I came across by SweetRascal in the Zazzle forums last night called Angel Food Ministries.
It is an organization that provides food for those who are struggling financially in the United States. When you go to the website, type in your zip code to find a host site and browse through the selections and choose the location closest to you. Once you've done this, you can order one of the boxes online and then pick it up on the date that is given. There are different things to order depending on what you need. The first item on the list is the Signature Box. It is $30 and the menu changes monthly. Here is the menu for May:

Qty Size Item Description
12.5 lb.Lean Chopped Beef Steaks (5 x 8 oz.)
15 lb.Leg Quarters
12 lb.Chicken and Corn Bread Stuffing Casserole (Ready
128 oz.Salisbury Steak Dinner Entrée
11 lb.Boneless Pork Chops (4 x 4 oz.)
11 lb.Corn Dogs (6 ct.)
112 oz.Deli Sliced Ham
15 oz.Chunk Light Tuna in Water
132 oz.French Fries
11 lb.Sweet Corn
115 oz.Musselman’s Apple Sauce
115 oz.Pears (Product of U.S.A.)
18 oz.Dinner Roll Mix (Makes 8 Nice Rolls)
17.5 oz.Mac ’n Cheese
132 oz.2% Shelf Stable Milk
Dozen Eggs

It would still be ideal to order even if you don't care for everything on the menu. A lot of the food that you don't use could be re-donated to shelters for others who are in need. There are also other boxes to choose from besides the Signature Box.

The last day to order for this month is 5/17 11:59 Eastern Time via the Internet and 5/18 5 PM local time at the location where you would be picking it up.
Be sure to share this with your friends and family as well!

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