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Tuesday, May 19, 2009


Just wanted to let everyone know I'm selling a bunch of coupons (about 195) on my eBay account. The auction is starting at 99¢ (USD). I'm planning on doing this every week. You get all of them for whatever price at the end of the auction. Here is what you can receive in the whole package:

Baby Products (diapers/Pull-Ups, sunscreen) $11 in savings!
Groceries- $72 in savings!
Household- (paper & plastic products, garbage bags, laundry products, housecleaning products, etc.) $37 in savings!
Pet Food and Medication - $17 in savings!
Pharmaceutical -( vitamins, ibuprofen, aspirin, weight loss, band aids, etc.) $70 in savings!
Cosmetics/Body and Skin Care (makeup, hair dye, shampoo/conditioners, lotions razors, deodorant, etc. $44 in savings!

Chuck E. Cheese's, Baker's Square, M&M Online Bulk Orders, Target Portraits
Over $100 IN SAVINGS!

6 days left to bid! Come check it out. 195 Coupons on eBay by jasminesphotography

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