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Friday, May 1, 2009

Cell Phone Tapping

While I was reading through the Zazzle forums last night I came across a post from AGSale37048 about cell phone security. This is a video from an Indianapolis news station (

Disclaimer- May be scary for small children.
Tapping Your Cell Phone

Subtle signs that may indicate your cell phone is being tapped:

  • Cell phone battery is warm even when your phone has not been used.
  • Cell phone lights up at unexpected times, including occasions when phone is not in use.
  • Unexpected beep or click during phone conversation.
Please be careful with what information you give over any telephone, not just your cellphone. Especially credit card information.

Here is a summarized list of tips on how to protect yourself provided from the article:

  • Keep a close eye on your cell phone so that others never get an opportunity to download information such as spy software when you're not looking. It's important to install a security password on your phone to restrict anyone else from using it.
  • High-end cell phones that include internet access and online capability are particularly vulnerable to Spyware tapping. To limit the ability of others to download certain types of spyware onto your phone, choose a cell phone that is not internet-accessible.
  • Remove the battery from your cell phone when it's not being used and, for sensitive phone calls, make them on a newly-purchased cell phone that comes with a pre-paid month-to-month service plan.
If you'd like to read the whole article for yourself, click here.
Please pass this along to all of your friends and family.

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