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Saturday, April 25, 2009

Late Encounter

Yesterday was a pretty nice day. Nicole and I went walking around for awhile out in the sun and then we decided to go to the movies and watch Monsters VS. Aliens 3D. I thought it was a very cute movie and I'm glad we finally got to see it.
After the movie we went shopping for a bit. I'm very picky when it comes to shopping for clothes because I have the hardest time trying to find things that actually fit me. I found a really cute skort at Mandee. I don't like skirts because I'm always worried about them being too revealing, so it was perfect. I don't think I've owned a skort since I was in elementary school, haha.
Here's a picture of it from the website:

After we were finished shopping, Nicole's boyfriend Steve picked us up and I met up with Dan at home. I can't believe he made it through a full day of school and work today, he's feeling very ill. Dan doesn't usually get sick, so when he does it is pretty serious. He has a fever of about 101° (F) and I'm trying everything I can to get him back to health. He has the weekend off from school and work so hopefully that is enough recovery time for him.
I was up for a few hours last night trying to monitor his temperature and make sure he was okay and around 1 AM I heard someone banging on my door. Of course, out of instinct, I woke Dan up and I was freaking out. I finally opened after Dan looked out the peephole and the person on the other side told me they were the police. They were looking for someone and asked me a few questions. I'm not really sure what's going on but it has me a little worried.
I'm getting ready to go off to work for now. I get off at 6 PM, so I have a little bit of the day to still look forward to. I have to get up to Verizon to complain about my phone bill this month. They like to add in small charges behind my back but I always notice those types of things.
Hope you all have a great Saturday!


Nicole said...

ya it was a good movie.. who were they looking for ?? thats weried they went to you!!

Jasmine said...

They knocked on my neighbor's door too after I wasn't any help.