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Thursday, December 4, 2008

Almost the Weekend

I should be pretty busy at work today and tomorrow. We're receiving a new shipment of products. The store is pretty empty because of our sale of 50% off of everything in the entire store, so I expect the shipment is going to be huge. I think I'm going to be stuck stocking everything by myself as well. Hopefully I can get by with what little sleep I've had. Luckily, Danny has the day off so if I need anything he can run up.

I have been meaning to get outside and take some pictures, but I never get the chance because I am always at work.
There is a bush right outside my apartment that is really pretty. It is covered with snow and icicles. Hopefully I can get a picture of it soon. I'd like to add more of my own photography to my Zazzle store instead of all the commercial clip art and photos I buy.

I guess I should get ready for my day now.
Have a good Thursday everyone!

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